Throwing punches at ocean waves.

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Sweatpants- Childish Gambino

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i hate when ppl are actually really prepared for a test. Like, who do u think you are? Someone who actually has their life together? that is not acceptable

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my ideal weight is the weight of me holding eight puppies

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oh you had a bad day???????? WELL 2014 years ago the dinosaurs went instinct on this very day. think before u speak

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this will always be one of my favorite things

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Anonymous asked: don't you think your "boys in crop tops" tag needs more white guys?


i don’t think anything in the world needs more white guys

i’m a nice person i just hate everyone 

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what’s Whitney Houston’s favorite type of coordination?


I laughed way harder than I should’ve at this and it’s probably because I’m hallucinating in the lib

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